Think of all the intros to songs you learned without ever playing a song beginning to end.

It's easy to get lost in the sea of guitar lessons information without a clear, straight path to success. I have had many students who were stuck in the past and I have been there myself. After two years of playing guitar with consistent progress, I hit a musical brick wall. I didn't have a clear path of what to do next. I didn't know what was right or wrong. 
I did know that I was stuck. I thought I was pretty good at guitar, so it was very frustrating to know that I had the potential to be great at guitar but no seemingly good way to achieve it. 

The Proven, Tested Solution 

Fortunately, there is a solution- You need a trained, professional guitar instructor in Fort Worth to teach and guide you step by step through a tested process that has worked time and time again for dedicated, serious students. I will hold your hand (figuratively speaking) through the entire process until you have reached your goals and mastered your instrument. That is the easiest part of my job. I am so committed to your success on the guitar that I will do (nearly) whatever it takes to ensure your success.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are your qualifications? 

A: First of all, let me explain that "30 years teaching experience" and "a degree from a prestigious university" are not credentials- they are statistics. Experience and a degree alone do not create a great guitar teacher. What creates a great guitar teacher is the right training and experience along with consistent refinement. 

  • Member Elite Guitar Teacher's Inner Circle since 2011
  • Received training at the Total Guitar Mastery Training Week in 2014
  • Received training at Guitar Teacher's Super Summit International 2015

Q: What makes you so confident that you can help me? 
A: I've done it many times before with many different kinds of students who thought they couldn't learn for various (untrue) reasons like having small hands, big hands, short fingers, fat fingers, lack of training, no "natural talent," and so on. The truth is that I have never had a guitar student in Fort Worth that was not successful who did everything I told them to do on a consistent basis over an extended period of time. Ever. 

Rock Guitar Lessons in Fort Worth

Have you tried these failed solutions already? 

  • Average Guitar Teacher-  Most guitar teachers in Fort Worth do not have a plan or any idea how to really help you achieve your specific goals on the guitar. Their so-called "solution" to your guitar-playing problems is usually to give you new songs and techniques at each lesson to keep you entertained whether you're ready for them or not. Why? They fear that if they actually made you practice everything until it was mastered you will get bored and quit and they will stop getting paid. 
  • They also do not have any real training on how to teach guitar lessons and likely cannot diagnose what your actual problems are and will never address the root issue of your playing struggles, leaving you to "figure it out" and become stuck in never-ending frustration.  
  • Online Videos- When you get on YouTube, what is your lesson plan? If you're like most guitarists, you search for whatever guitar topic most excites you that day, and you a) waste time browsing through videos to find the best one, b) attempt to learn something that you may not even be ready for, c) don't practice it properly, and d) forget it and never practice it again because you found something else more entertaining the next day. 
  • Playing, Not Practicing- More than likely, you don't know how to practice.  So when you pick up your guitar, you noodle around with intros to songs that you never fully learned and instead of finishing what you started, which requires more effort, you find an Internet TAB and learn another intro to a song. The result? You know a whole lot of intros to songs and never can perform for your friends and family and never master the instrument.                        

P.S.- I will make sure that you become successful through your guitar lessons with me and will guide you every step of the way. Together, we will ensure that you become the guitarist that you really want to be!

Justin at 6 yrs. 

Looking For A Proven Strategy To Skyrocket You Out Of Your Guitar Playing Rut?

Think of the HOURS you've wasted on the Internet searching for solutions that provided no real results. 

Think of the MONEY you've wasted on DVD's with mindless finger exercises that don't actually make you a better musician.

   Joseph after 1 1/2 years!

Joseph at 2 months

  Justin 1 year later

Are you sick of muddling through YouTube, DVD's, and mediocre guitar teachers that keep you running in circles without any real results in your guitar playing? 

How many guitar teachers do you know that travel across the country for events like the Total Guitar Mastery Training program or the Guitar Teacher's Super Summit International in Chicago? How many guitar teachers in Fort Worth, TX invest countless hours studying techniques and learning methods, finding the best one, and giving it to their students? How many places can you go for guitar lessons in Fort Worth where the instructor cares enough about each individual student to invest in their continued musical education for the benefit of their students? 
There is one-Fort Worth Rock Guitar Lessons. 

Here are the benefits of studying with me and not some guy teaching out of his garage for $10/lesson:

  • Practice Log to make sure you hold up your end of the deal (accountability)
  • Spend more time training and less time listening to me show off
  • No-nonsense training that saves you time and gets you to your goals faster
  • Inspiring guitar lessons that motivate you to make your daily practice a priority
  • Connect with other like-minded students that will motivate you to be successful
  • Performance opportunities 
  • An instructor that actually cares about you and your success, which ensures you do not fail (when you do your part)
  • Stay motivated with a variety of learning tools and formats

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